Front line Initiatives

There is no arguing about the value of projects provided by congregations in Sheffield. What we have to do is get everyone looking at the future through a shared lens.

– Sheffield Star

When it comes to the good in our city – we celebrate, catalyse and connect initiatives that make a difference. Below are the recognised projects – front line initiatives – that we have either catalysed, launched or supported.

– Sheffield Star

Universal Credit Buddies

Universal Credit arrived in Sheffield in November 2018. It is now 2020 ; The pressure on (often vulnerable) people and therefore food banks and other organisations has been unrelenting.

There was unanimous agreement that the rollout was going to put pressure on the poorest and most vulnerable people in Sheffield.

Was there anything that we could do?

Universal Credit Buddies was born: UC buddies are trained volunteers who provide relational and basic IT support to Universal Credit claimants who are attending Food Banks or Job clubs. They are trained by TFS, CAP and the DWP.

Meanwhile local Businesses also stepped in to provide laptops to foodbanks and job clubs so they were equipped to support those who needed it most.

UC Buddies has now been running for over nine months with joint acclaim from members of the DWP, Food Banks, Churches, Job Clubs and the Citizens Advice Bureau. They are trained volunteers who provide relational and basic IT support to Universal Credit claimants who are attending Food Banks or Job clubs. This simple support makes a huge difference.

“Universal Credit Buddies have made an immediate and positive difference to those they help”
-Jonathan, Foodbank Manager

If you are interested in supporting this initiative or becoming a Universal Credit buddy and receiving full training to help support vulnerable people in our city please express interest by emailing:

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One Mentoring

One mentoring is about giving one young person the support of one adult for one hour a week for one year.

Instinctively we know that all human beings benefit from relational investment. This is backed up by research that says that children who end up doing ‘well’ in the face of adversity, have had at least one stabe and committed relationship with a supportive adult.

One mentoring will train and support you toempower young people to thrive emotionally, relationally and spiritually by supporting their wellbeing and building resilience. Together for Sheffield is incubating One Mentoring until they are ready to launch a charity in their own right.

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Sheffield Business Together

Put simply SBT unite like minded businesses and charities and good things happen as a result. TFS business ambassador Andrew Seaton sits on the board of SBT.

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PDU Wellbeing Ambassadors

TFS worked with a number of stakeholders to assist in the development of a listening and support service based in the Psychiatric Decisions Unit on the Northern General Campus.

The ‘Wellbeing Ambassadors’ project was inspired by the Emergency Department Pastors initiative which started in Sheffield as highlighted in the Faith Action Audit.

PDU Wellbeing Ambassadors are trained listeners who support vulnerable patients. The project is run by the inspiring South Yorkshire Chaplaincy and Listening Service.

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“In the coming months, the roll out of Universal Credit will prove most challenging for those with least resources to deal with the challenge. The church, in glad collaboration with other faith communities, will be doing all we can to serve and support those most affected — as well as seeking changes to the system so that the system itself also serves and supports the most needy”.

– The Rt Revd Dr Pete Wilcox, Bishop of Sheffield.